Get Involved



We focus our meetings and events to...

  • Offer a platform for discussion with Progressive elected officials and candidates of local, statehouse, statewide and federal races
  • With the end of straight ticket voting, we aim to prioritize down ballot races and candidates
  • Invite experts for in-depth discussions on policy subjects, that are relevant, but not always accessible to us at the local and regional level



With the Capitol in our backyard, we have unique access and opportunity to impact legislation and amplify our voices.

We leverage the power of community

to work with neighbors, our elected officials, candidates, and a wide variety of organizations in our area to support Progressive causes and issues.  



We coordinate with Precinct Chairs, Travis and WilCo County Democratic Parties, and partner organizations to provide opportunities to volunteer and make a difference.  We'll match experience, skills and passions.  Everyone has a role to play, from: 

  • Writing postcards, phone or text banking, voter registration drives and block-walking
  • We offer training, support, mentorship with like-minded Progressives.  Typically good food is also on the menu!
  • There are various ways to engage and support, even if you only have 1 hour a month!