Super Precinct 2 (SP2)

Far Northwest Progressives and SP2. Better Together!

We established Super Precinct 2 in 2017 to coordinate efforts between Democratic Precinct Chairs in our area to increase Democratic voter turnout.

We are truly better together - leveraging strengths and seizing opportunities as a team.   Join the team to increase Democratic voter turnout - connect with your SP2 Precinct Chair!

Far Northwest Progressives and Super Precinct 2 work closely together to ensure our area is educated, engaged, and activated - a powerful progressive pairing!


Precinct 245 - Lucy Sanchez

Precinct 333 - Dale Webb

Precinct 334 - John Wilson May

Precinct 336 - John Hoffner

Precinct 343 - Kathy Williams

Precinct 374 - Sarah Penniman-Morin

Precinct 375 - Lizza Harrison

SP2 Map